What Do You Love About the Church?

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The church is an amazing thing. It comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It has so much diversity and yet, hopefully, a growing level of unity. I really do love the church. I love the fact that I have family all over the world. No matter where I have lived or traveled I have had people there who felt like family to me. I love the fact that there are people I have known for just a few years that feel like I have known them my whole life. I love partnering with others in ministry and being sharpened by those who are more mature than myself. I love the passion of our young people and their desire to draw closer to God in real ways. I love the wisdom of our older members who know the Bible but also have so much life experience that they can teach those of us who are younger. I love how the church led me to my bride. If it weren’t for our faith there is no way Missy and I would have ever met. I thank God for that. I love to watch the church grow. It is so exciting to see people’s lives get changed…

What do you love about the church?

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  1. I love how good the people are. I hate it for some folks that they’ve had negative experiences at churches. But in my experience nowhere do you find people so caring, so interested in becoming better people, and so unselfish in willing to help others out.

  2. Matt, at your age if you have known someone a few years you have known them all your life! Good post!

  3. I love that i can be from LA (as in southern California), and yet have the truest of family here in FLA! God is indeed good…

  4. I love the way that God reveals Himself over and over and over again in messed up people. He shows me His love, His patience, His mercy, His wisdom. Just about the time I decide I’m giving up on the church people, He does it again. And shows me how much I need Him/them.

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