The Patience of Jesus – Lesson Learned

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I am working on a sermon with that title and wouldn’t you know that I got to work this morning and my word document was gone! Turns out I never clicked “save” and last night windows XP rebooted. So there is no autosave on my computer. Ack! I guess God is trying to school me on this one before I preach it. I guess I will have to put off my next lesson about sacrifice. Just kidding!

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  1. This is likely one of the better arguments for getting sermons done early in the week. Having experienced similar emergencies, I was thankful there was still time to correct it before Sunday.

  2. So Jesus and Satan were disputing over who was the best computer coder. Eventually, they decided to put the question to the test, with the two to write code for a million years. The one with the most code written would be the winner.

    They coded and coded, and toward the end of the million years, Satan was well ahead of Jesus. His lead seemed insurmountable. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed across the heavenly skies and the computers each lost power.

    Of course, this meant that Jesus won the contest. You see, Jesus saves.

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