What Are We Most Upset About and What Does that Say?

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There are days I am more upset that the guy in front of me is driving too slow than I am that most likely he is lost spiritually. My lack of perspective is far more damaging in a real world perspective than his driving slow could ever be. I have seen people get more upset over which direction communion is passed than they were about their own lack of personal involvement in ministry. That is not to say all Christians are guilty of that but some are and sometimes that “some” includes me.

If someone is seeking God and walks into your church, your elders/ministers meeting, or your household what would they say you are most passionate about? How could they tell? They could tell based on the things you get the happiest and the maddest about. What would that list include? Would it draw them closer to God or further? If all they see is bickering over how we pass trays, the order or worship, or song selection they have every right to never want to go back to that congregation again. But if they see us getting worked up over the “scripturally workupables”, then they will see we are serious about serious matters. I think they will want to be a part of something that they can clearly see is set to make a difference.

I don’t know about you but I have a few things that still get to me that really don’t matter. And if I am honest with myself the reason those things are there is all the same. It is because there are times I put myself at the center of all that is important. When you do that you first have to take the most important things and set them aside by ignoring them at best or discounting them at worst (the two really go hand in hand). Once you accomplish that you are then able to replace significant things with insignificant things like self.

What insignificant things still upset you? How do you see self playing a role in that happening?

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