Improving Communications in Your Congregation

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We are starting to put more focus on improving our communications at Northwest. I wanted to pass along two helpful resources in helping the church and church leadership more effectively communicate its message and mission. The first resource is a free e-book called “Branding for Church Planters” by James Dalman. This is from the website Church Communications Pro. The book has information on (quoted from their website):

  • How to tell your story with relevance and accuracy.
  • The “Free Myth” and why freebies aren’t always good.
  • What makes a great church brand identity…and what doesn’t!
  • The benefits of custom work vs. pre-designed work
  • How to save money on printing and other forms of media

Another helpful resource is by Andy Stanley. It is called Communication that Sticks. A lot of his material has to do with communication through preaching there are many relevant points that go beyond what is said in the pulpit. What resources or strategies have you used to help your congregation communicate more effectively?

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