New Theme Try Outs

I have been trying out different themes over the last few weeks. This new theme, enterprise, just came out this week with wordpress and I think I finally found one that is readable, functional, and has a look that I am finally happy with. Still making tweaks, so bear with me.

Improving Communications in Your Congregation

We are starting to put more focus on improving our communications at Northwest. I wanted to pass along two helpful resources in helping the church and church leadership more effectively communicate its message and mission. The first resource is a free e-book called “Branding for Church Planters” by James Dalman. This is from the website […]

Barna Study: Teens & Faith

Barna released a new study on where teenagers see themselves in five years. They were specifically asked what they would like to accomplish by 25. A few points of interest: 29% believed that at age 25 they would be actively involved in a community of faith 20% of Catholic teens definitely expect to be involved […]