Gulfcoast Getaway 2010 in Panama City

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I have been looking forward to Gulfcoast Getaway 2010 for some months now. It is starting Friday night and going through Sunday and is one of the largest Church of Christ college gatherings in the nation. With speakers like Randy Harris and Earl Lavender you can’t go wrong. The singing is great. The classes and sermons are great. But what I get the most out of this even each year is the reminder and encouragement that regardless of what the statistics say about declining numbers I am convinced our future is going to be great. Every year I am blown away by the sincerity, spiritual depth, and genuine love for God our young people have.

If you are going to Gulfcoast Getaway this year let me know and hopefully I will see you there! I hope the other 99% of you reading this have a wonderful worship this Sunday morning where God is glorified and his people are brought closer together through our shared interest and relationship with God.

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encourages you about this generation of young adults.

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  1. Matt, how long have you been going to Gulf Coast? I wonder if that might be why you look familiar to me…

    I haven’t missed very many years at all since 1996 (shows my age), and have helped a lot the last several years with whatever needed to be done — primarily the prayer wall.

    Our mission team received a send-off last year, just before leaving for Tanzania, and two of our teammates will be there this year to give an update on our current work. They just left here last Sunday.

    Anyway, I’m really going to miss it this year. Maybe our furlough will overlap some day in the future, and I can make it back again… Have a blessed time.

    1. Jay,

      I met the students who are living in the “brown house”…such a great group of guys and the children from the neighborhood were great as well. I didn’t get a chance to talk with Duane D. but I will say he did a tremendous job, as always.

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