Why Can’t They Leave Things Like This Out of Bible Prefaces?

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From the International Bible Society’s NIV New Testament,

“As a son or daughter of Adam, you were born separated from God and the close, trusting relationship he desires to have with you…your life can be renewed when you personally accept Christ’s sacrifice on your behalf…For this to happen, though, you must turn away from your sins and commit to trust and follow Jesus.” p. A7.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Bible Publishers would leave agendas at the door and stick with producing decent translations? I guess this at least beats the old Scofield Reference Bible.

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  1. “Wouldn’t it be nice if Bible Publishers would leave agendas at the door and stick with producing decent translations?”

    Yes, it would. That’s why most study bibles tend to offer more frustration to me than help. I know they are well intentioned, but the Word speaks powerfully enough on its own, and we ought to trust it to do so.

    That said, I admit I actually bought a Scofield ESV recently. I cared nothing about the notes, but bought it because it was the only ESV in stock with a font type aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. The standard Crossway font is too small, and I can’t put my finger on it, but the font just kind of bothers me. I just ignore the Scofield notes.

  2. No doubt…..

    And so predictable too. I am surprised that any of them stop short of including the “sinner’s prayer.”

    As a door to door salesman, I can’t tell you how many tracts I come across that are identical to these Bible introductions. That babies are born full of sin and that once we can read, we need to “invite Jesus into our hearts.” They usually have a verse for everything until they get to the part about that prayer.

    Good eye and observation Matt. We need to rip those introductions out and give people the actual word of God.


  3. Yes it would be nice…but this is just but one example of a subtle arrogance that cannot trust God to speak to an unbelieving heart through his word and so it feels it must “sum up” God’s word for the reader so that God’s word will be crystal clear…the truth is, with every little Bible plus production (e.g., NKJV Spirit Filled Life Bible; NKJV American Patriots Bible, etc…) the scriptures become more and more covered in mud.

    Grace and peace,


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