Tim Challies on Sexual Detox

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Tim Challies has an excellent blog and is one you should subscribe to if you aren’t already. Tim offers up an excellent series of blog posts on sex, pornography, addiction, etc. These are excellent and should be read by all the guys/anyone in ministry. Nice work Tim! We need to encourage our young people before they get themselves in trouble rather than after. Too many people go into adolescents and adulthood uninformed from a Christian point of view and cling to the only information available to them – the destructive and deadly message of the world in regard to sex and sexuality. Here are the posts. Have a look:

Sexual Detox: Recommended Resources

Sexual Detox 1: Pornifying the Marriage Bed

Sexual Detox 2: Breaking Free

Sexual Detox 3: A Theology of Sex

Sexual Detox 4: Detoxification

Sexual Detox 5: Freedom

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  1. Matt,

    I just had a comment/plea for help from Jeff on my post answering a question from a woman whose husband was addicted to pornography. Jeff said that he has been addicted, but is taking steps to overcome. His wife, however, is ready to leave him.

    My post plus Jeff’s comment and my response are at https://committedtotruth.wordpress.com/2009/10/22/question-is-habitual-pornography-grounds-for-divorce/

    I referred him to this post for further suggestions.


    1. Feel free to give him my email if he needs to seek some counseling on this. I have heard this affects up to 50% of the men in any given congregation. That sounds on the high end but I think this is the elephant in the room in most churches.

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