Perry Noble Has Some Posts to Check Out

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A few posts from Perry Noble over the last few weeks that I thought were exceptional. Another blog to check out regularly, especially for ministers and church leaders.

  1. 10 Ways to Kill Vision in Your Church
  2. 5 Reasons We Are Doing a Singles Series
  3. Staffing, Ministry and Vision
  4. Dangers of Leadership Series: 1 – Jealousy, 2 – Ignorance, 3 – Pride, 4 – Misc

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  1. Matt, be careful sipping that emergent Noble Kool-Aid brother. Listen to his thoughts on Christ, not just church. Discernment is important brother. In love..

    1. Thanks for the caution. It is appreciated. Gotta know the meat from the bones. I have never minded reading those I disagree with on some things.

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