Obama Promised Us the Same Health Care as Congress Has

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Sorry for more political stuff. Feel free to skip this or read on if you want to be informed on what our Congress men and women are actually voting on and how it might affect your health care. On the campaign trail, President Obama promised us that we would have access to the same kind of health coverage that Congress has. Here is an excerpt from a speech given by then candidate Obama on September 20, 2008 at Bethune-Cookman University:

“Change means keeping the promise of affordable, accessible health care for every single American.  Under my plan, if you have health insurance, nothing changes for you, except that my plan will lower your health care costs.  If you don’t, you’ll be able to get the same kind of coverage that members of Congress give themselves.” Full transcript here.

But with the new health care bill exactly the opposite of this is happening. First of all the plans Congress has available to them are second to none. Second, there is a provision in the bill to exempt members of congress from the regulations in the bill. What is more under this bill if you don’t have a “qualified plan” you will be fined for several thousand dollars.

The other problem in the quote, “nothing changes for you”…that is, unless the plan you currently have doesn’t qualify on the government’s list of what is acceptable. If it doesn’t qualify you will be fined and given a plan of their choice. Ouch!

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  1. Yep, keep calling it like it is… and did you hear, they refuse to rule out paying for abortions under this plan as well.

    hey any progress adding my blog to the list?

  2. This may seem hard.
    Health care is like a life boat. some people are in the boat, some are hanging on to the sides of the boat and some are floating free with or without life jackets. Federally elected officials are the ones in the boats people with jobs that have benefits packages are hang on to the side. every one else is floating free. So you must understand that if everyone gets in the boat it sinks and a helicopter saves the federally elected officials.
    So what do we do? Well we practice good health. I regret the bad habits I develop in my youth. But as it is now I need good healthcare instead of being like Caleb strong for war an travel. So I pray for the sick, visit the widows and feed the poor to the best of my ability.

  3. I love it when something is broken but nothing gets done to fix it because everyone wants a perfect fix rather than trying something different and making further adjustments as we go along the way.

    Growing up, My father, a vetren of the U.S. Army, was a severe diabetic. Most of the time he did not have insurance because either he could not afford premiums that exceeded $500 a month or the insurance companies refused to insure him at all. This forced him to drive over an hour into downtown Chicago to the VA Clinic. Nevertheless, those times when he fell into a diabetic shock and was taken to the local hospital translated into massive medical bills that were not fully paid off until two years after his death (from cancer). Imagine that…a man who served his country in the military but never could afford health care in his own country. Somehow, I doubt my father’s story is that unique.

    My purpose is not too say that President Obama’s health care plan is wrinkle free. I suspect if it actually gets implemented, that time will reveal some wrinkles that need to be adjusted. But his plan or anyone else’s plan involving some form of national health care must be an improvement over the injust health care system we have now. As far as paying for it…if we (US Gov) can afford 100 billion a year for war then we certainly can afford to finance a national form of health care. Or perhaps we just need to rethink our priorities in spending the money we do spend…maybe a few billion dollars less for war will give us a few billion more for health care.

    Grace and peace,


  4. The only system that is broke is the Federal goverment and it’s excessive thirst for power and money. This issue isn’t about healthcare it’s about SOCIALISM and the defeat of capitalism.

  5. For those of you with private issue health insurance, you might want to read this article…


    The next article has the president admitting he was unfamiliar with the provision as listed in the house bill on insurance detailed above…


    It’s that kind of approach that doesn’t make sense to me… as for veterans, that’s a real shame, Rex. And his story is not unique at all… I remember vividly the lecture in boot camp that promised lifetime health care–especially retiree’s and of course the government has been trying to back off that promise for awhile now..

  6. Charlotte,

    I agree that socialism is not the answer BUT capitolism is just as flawed as socialism or any other ‘ism. How do we know? Because the ‘have not’s’ still suffer in need. That is why I am for the Kingdom rule of God – his will done on earth as it is in heaven (cf. Matt 6.10). Some how it seem like it would be closer to God’s will for eveyone to have affordable health care even if that means that such health care is provided by the government rather than us continuing to operate under a health care system that has proved time and time again that it is not AFFORDABLE or ATTAINABLE for every person.

    Grace and peace,


  7. I personally think this health care bill will help those millions of ministers who don’t have healthcare. I know working in smaller churches, I have suffered with not having healthcare covered. I think something needs to be done. Either the churches of Christ all need to come together like the Southern Baptist, Methodist and other religous group and provide healthcare for their ministers or the government needs to step in and provide. Government healthcare is better than no healthcare. I pray something gets passed fast!!!

    1. Rex,

      A couple of questions for you.

      What are the benefits of this plan?
      Do they outweigh the costs?
      Should the rich foot the bill for this as it seems very likely they will?

      I am of the opinion so far that yes our system needs some changes but I wouldn’t call it broken. It is impossible to come up with a perfect system to give complete coverage to all people and have lower costs. Then problem I see with this is whether or not we are actually getting something better than we have AND the costs will be more. Sounds like we are getting something worse, not better, to me.

  8. Matt,

    The bennefits are that we are at least trying something different. As far as whether the bennefits outweigh the cost…if you are like me and have adequete health care then that might be a reasonable question. But if you are one who cannot afford and/or attain adequate helth care then…

    Whatever the results, if it does not work as planned then adjustments can be made. But I would call our current system broken and it is a system that cost of ton of money as well. I call it broken because it is not affordable for every working, tax-paying citizen nor is it attainable for every working, tax-paying citizen. So the bennefits of this plan or anything different from the current system is that health care just might become more affordable and attainable for many more, especially those who most need affordable and accesible health care. Of course there will always be people without health care just as there will always be people without homes and living in the street. But there should be no reason why every working, tax-paying citizen cannot have acces to affordable health care.

    As far as whether the rich should foot the bill for it…we cannot expect the poor to pay for it, can we? So in such a black and white question, the rich shall pay. But hey…to whom much is given, much is expected.

    In the end…it is not that I think Obama’s health plan is perfect but I do strongly believe almost anything must be an improvement. I am willing to try something rather than just staying with the same problem until someone comes up with a problem free, controversy free plan (which will never happen). But I strongly suspect that one reason why many health care corps do not want to try anything diffent is because such efforts would threaten their own wealthy kingdoms.

    Any ways…I hope that explains why am for some form of national health care.

    Grace and peace,


    1. It is a pretty big statement to say “anything is better” and then just accept whatever it is they want to hand to you. There is so much more at stake here than just health care. We shouldn’t just jump into anything because we think what we have is broken. This thing has so many problems that it appears to be mostly a political move rather than a genuine interest in getting people health care. Why else would congress and the unions be exempt? Anyway, I am just saying that it is best to examine this thing rather than have the attitude that you appear to be taking. What I hear you say is, “doesn’t matter what you give us…it has to be better than what we have because what we have is broken.”

      Would you trade in a 2004 mustang that runs but has bad tires for a 1985 chevy nova that won’t run at all and needs a new transmission just because anything must be better than that old mustang. All I ask is that people inform themselves rather than having exactly this attitude that I see displayed in so many people of anything will do because it must be better. Changing it after the fact is not as easy as you make it sound. How many times have you seen the government give up control or say they want to regulate less? It is more important to not sign up for government control on the front end because once they have it, it is tough to get out from under it.

      I have said my 2 cents…thanks for sharing yours.

    2. I agree that this is a bunch of politics, new plan or not. But I do not think that anyone of us has the foresight to say that something new, anything new, or the current proposed Obama plan will be a ’85 Nova compared to an ’04 Mustang. Only after we try it will we find out if it is comparable to an ’85 Nova. Of course, there is an equaly possibility that our current system is that ’85 Nova but since we don’t know that there is an ’04 Mustang out there, we hang on to that Nova. So what car are we driving and what car could we be driving? Only time will tell if we allow ourselves to test-drive another car.

      What I wish is that our politicians who oppose Obama’s plan would offer a substantial alternative rather than just critiquing the *possible* faults of Obama’s plan while not offering there own solution. Our current systen is in need of a complete overhaul and with all do respect, those who think the current health-care system is basically still fine are those who do not suffer under the weight of its problems.

      I do not pay attention to the fine political details of each side as much as I perhaps should, I just don’t have the time. But I did listen to both President Obama and Senator McCain explain their views on health care during the presidential election. I listened to Obama offer an alternative system while McCain just kept offering the same ole, same ole that has proved time and time again that it is failing.


      As a side, I do wish that every politician would have to live for one year off of 40,000 dollars and work in a non-political office job. I know that is wishful thinking but I believe there would be a lot of changes without all of the political lobbying, loop-holes, and ear-marks than we have now where the majority of our elected officials come from the economic upper teers but attempt to make decisions for the common folk.

      I guess that is one thing that made Jesus different…he lived among the people and thus understood the people before he spoke on how the people should live and act.

      Well, that is all.

      Grace and peace,


    3. Rex,

      I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments regarding the politics of it all. I don’t think it is a good idea, however, to think we have to pass legislation to find out if it is good. There are so many flaws and problems with this legislation that it brings up exactly the point you made – why doesn’t someone…anyone offer an alternative!?!

  9. One last thing. Here is a link that shows under the Senate bill those who don’t get health care under this plan will face a $1000 dollar fine per year. So what do people do who might still struggle to afford health care under the new mandatory plan? Will they pay a fine they can’t afford or will they receive free care anyway? I have to look into that further to find out.


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