You Might Not Want to Install Internet Explorer 8

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I hadn’t rebooted my computer in a few days so I did this morning. I was met with the following error message:

Winnt_root>System32Hal.dll missing or corrupt:
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

After some investigation I came across this link that told me exactly what the problem was.

I had recently updated to IE 8 and it corrupted the boot.ini file that in turn wasn’t properly locating hal.dll. Long story short, I had to reinstall windows and now I don’t have internet, network access, network printers, any of my programs ranging from Microsoft Office to Firefox and a host of other problems. This is going to take countless hours for me to fix. I was very worried that I had lost 15+ gigs of data including sermon mp3s and all of the files from church that are necessary to run several ministries and classes. I salvaged that but I am basically forced to starting over from a blank slate on my work computer.

I highly recommend not updating to IE 8. What is even crazier is it auto updated and I don’t even use IE. I use firefox. So my computer crashed over a Microsoft program I don’t even use. Thanks Microsoft!

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  1. That sounds like pretty much par for the course. Sorry that it happened to you, though. Backup, backup, backup.

    On a related note, I’ve found to be a good website to use for my sermons – it’s free, and I can link to it for podcasts, and it backs up all of my sermons online.

  2. I installed 8 some time back and then one day it just quit opening. I am totally dependent on Firefox now for browsing and my Spy ware is catching 10 to 15 spy cookies a day. With explorer I might get one or two a week. You would think by now Microsoft could get their act together. It sure has me thinking Apple for my next computer.

  3. I’m a Mac user. I’ve been using Intel-based Macs for 3 years now. The other day I had my first hard crash, where everything was frozen and there was no way to recover.

    I was using Microsoft Word, which I rarely do. (I have Office 2008, but almost never use it.)

    My thoughts were the same as yours: Thanks Microsoft!

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