What Type of Bible Class Do You Get the Most From?

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There are all kinds of theories of what makes an effective Bible class. What do you think?

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  1. oh man, i have been thinking about this.

    i think churches need all three but when…??

    some people don’t like a class if they can’t talk and “share”
    sometimes that sharing is great, sometimes it is time wasted.

    i appreciate good discussions, but I also hate to see a class where the most prepared person (the teacher) says the least and everyone else gives knee-jerk reactions to the topic/verses discussed…

  2. Sorry to be late to the party…

    Some of what I envision as “hands-on experiential” would be:
    • case studies
    • a guided “exegesis,” helping the class go step by step through the interpretation process
    • creative classes; I’ve had classes read Psalm 136, then right their own version

    Such classes involve more prep for the teacher, but can be highly effective.

    One other suggestion: use the Internet! The class I’m teaching right now is highly connected, so I send them notes ahead of time, as well as the discussion questions that will be asked in class. They have time to prepare thoughtful answers, rather than “knee-jerk” reactions as my anti-Marcion friend put it.

    Grace and peace,

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