What Will the Church Look Like When Today’s College Bible Class Become Elders and Deacons?

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I wonder about this from time to time. Each generation has its own strengths. Each generation also tends to react to the problems of the generations before it and often over look the strengths of the generations that came before them as well. So what will the church look like in 40 years when those guys in the college class at your church are the elders, deacons, and ministers? I tend to think we are going to have people trying to be a lot more genuine. I also see a lot of zeal in our young people…they are willing to do just about anything if it is for a good cause. I just hope we can hang onto our heritage without feeling like we have to look down our nose at other people for doing so.

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  1. It all depends on whether today’s college students are sucessfully indocrinated to a certain way of being church or they are equipped to hear and discern God’s call and empowered to follow that call.

    Sounds risky…


  2. As a college student, this something I wonder about as well. I see such a large disparity of view points with college kids…some reject much of the bad theology of our conservatism while others are carbon copies of their parents. I have a lot of hope that we will be able to get back to Scripture, and unity, and back to being one of the fastest growing groups again, with out flying off in the complete other direction. I’m also concerned that it will be the year 2050 and people will still be trying to ‘do church’ the way we did it in 1950…but I think with the Spirit, we have a great reason to be optimistic.

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