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Anyone out there good at installing surround sound. I have something I need some help with. I am going to install surround sound up through a wall and into the attic and then down through the ceiling to speakers in the back corners of the room. Normally you are dealing with speaker wires that can be spliced and a plate installed on the wall that the receiver can plug into. Seeing that I don’t want to splice the wires that came with the bose radio a friend gave me I need to drill a 3/8 inch hole in the wall to run the speaker wire into the attic but then the wire itself is very thin and so the hole will have a fairly large gap around the wire going into the wall. Do I just putty and paint the hole or is there some kind of special plug that fits into the hole around the wire?  Any ideas?

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  1. Can’t help you bro but my wife is great at electronics. She is the one who puts the TV, DVD, Satalite, Video Games together.
    I’ll ask the boss and see if she has any ideas. 🙂

  2. I wired surround sound with a bose 321 through my walls and I used some stuff that you spray in and then it will solidify (kind of like a foam). I can’t remember exactly what it’s called. I know you can then sand it. Super quick and easy. Depending on whether or not your walls are textured might determine whether you should use this quick fix or something like putty. However, most of the time the speaker will cover any cosmetic blemishes.


  3. If you have not done this yet.Email me at g use wire coat hanger make it straigh cut one end on a 45deg. angle place it in your drill.with light presure as to not bend the hanger drill at the ceiling or base board.Then find your hanger in the basment or attic drill with a 3/4 hole to fish it out.remember when looking at the hanger accout for driwall and trim thickness.but works great.

  4. mattdabbs
    I f you still have the holes in the walls affter fishing out the cables you can go to S.E.S security equipment supply and get a bag of 100 3/4 3/8 reducers used for lager holes and reduces to 3/8 cut it to slip it around the wire and place in the wall for a smooth finish.If it is a sloppy fit rap it once or twice with electrical tape to tighten it up and hold firm to the wall.

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