Will the Real Restorationist Please Stand Up?

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I am going to keep this short and sweet. The Churches of Christ are crossing paths in the night with many other relgious groups in America. We started out a unity movement. We have turned into a semi-homogenous group of fragmented and disjointed churches that have turned more into a denominational movement than one of unity. What is ironic to me is that we take on so many different fads that other religious groups tried 10 years ago and by the time they figured out it wasn’t working we just figure out it is something to try. Then we figure out 10 years later that it doesn’t work. In the meantime many denominations are now pushing forward restoration principles while many of our number are abandoning our own. I will give more examples of this later but I think it is the ultimate irony that the denominational world is catching on to the vision that was cast by our number 200 years ago while we continue to chase church growth fads from 1995. I am not saying that all denominations everywhere are turning to restoration principles but I am saying that some are and even some very prominent voices are sounding like things we have been saying for over a century. Have any of you experienced this? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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