Google Maps May Harm My Computer – Malware Alert?

What in the world is going on with this?googlemapsThen if you click to go to google maps you get this message from google…anyone else getting this but me?


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  1. rick says:

    crud … jonathan beat me too it … sorry for the repeat

  2. Adam G. says:

    I got the same message this morning but didn’t think much about it. I checked the browser settings (should have checked the google search settings) and just restarted the computer. The problem cleared up. My daughter had a slumber party here last night and I simply assumed she or her friends had changed a setting.


  3. Tim Archer says:

    I was going to post the link to Google’s blog, but I guess you’ve got enough links on the answer to this mystery.

    Now if they’ll tell me where Cain got his wife‚Ķ

  4. Adam G. says:


    Simple. It was either his sister (incest) or it never happened and that wasn’t the point of the story.

    Now if only every question were so easy to resolve.

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