Churches of Christ are on the Decline

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Danny Dodd recently blogged about an article in the Christian Chronicle about declining numbers in Churches of Christ. The article is by Bobby Ross Jr and can be found at this link. I am going to do a series of posts responding to this in order to put out a proactive voice that can hopefully help us move in the right direction and start reaching more people, retaining our own people, and making a difference in the world as we were called by Christ to do. I hope you will also go over and read Danny’s post and the comments that followed at this link. So please chime in with the posts that will follow.

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  1. I posted my own blog about this article and some reason why I see us declining. I am sure my reasons would not be shared by all, especially those who are on the conservative side. But then again, I am not trying to win brownie points with anyone.

    I look forward to reading your discussions on this issue.

    Grace and peace,


  2. I can’t wait to read your posts Matt. I got this article in my e-mail yesterday and was saddened by what I read. I fear the problem is that we have already become too much like the world and no longer tell our members that we are all sinners. God bless you in your studies and I will definitely link them to my blog.

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