What Are Your “Must Subscribe” Blogs?

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Just wondering what blogs you would have a hard time doing without in your feed reader…I am always amazed at how many good blogs are out there and we certainly don’t already have enough to read so please comment on which blogs you have enjoyed the most on a regular basis so the rest of us can tune in.

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  1. Almost all of my list.
    Of course Matt Dabb’s blog, Come back Shane, Blog Prophet, MIke Cope, Danny Dodd’s, John Dobbs, Houston Hefflin, Darin Hamm, Scot McKnights, John Frye, Jesus Community, Out of Ur, Josh Graves, Royce Ogle, Robb, Arlene Kastleman, jleasure, Alan Knox, John Mark Hicks, Keith Brenton, must I go on and on? I am addicted to all the great ones. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I forgot Stuff White People Like. That place is hillarious. And Leadership Journal stuff is always rich & thought-provoking.

    I assume everyone already reads Cope, Hicks, Witherington, etc. If you don’t, then you’re really missing out.

  3. Matt, this is just too big of a question for me to narrow down. I keep up with a LOT of blogs that are worthwhile; many of which are mentioned above. Here are a few distinct ones:

    For religious matters: Al Mohler’s Blog
    For politics: Dick Morris’ Blog
    For humor: The Onion

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