Half Truth Equals Political Lies

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The Obama and McCain campaign commercials have so many half-truths in them. How many times have you heard that McCain wants to give the oil companies a 4 billion dollar tax cut? How many times have you heard that McCain is against equal wages for female workers? How many times have you heard Obama doesn’t want to fund the troops? Those are all half-truths designed to make it look like McCain or Obama believe something they don’t or want to do something that sounds horrendous. I am really getting tired of it. It also aggravates me that McCain and Obama gives their support to those adds when they know they are misrepresenting the truth.

The truth:

$4 billion for oil companies? McCain wants to cut taxes on all business (large and small). This is an across the board tax cut and not something just for oil. The Obama camp pulls one figure from it to make it sound like he is just giving this to “big oil.” They don’t blatantly lie but by not telling the whole story they are leading people to assume something that is not true.

McCain against equal wages for female workers? McCain voted against a bill that would make sure females got equal pay for equal work because the language of the bill was such that it would open up loop holes for frivolous law suits. The truth is McCain actually pays the women working on his campaign more on average than the men. The female workers for the Obama campaign actually make less than the men. So while Obama cites this against McCain his very campaign is guilty of it.

Obama against the troops? Hardly. He voted against a bill to fund the troops because there were several other components of the bill that were against his political ideology. He is not against the troops! Yet the McCain adds say over and over he is against funding the troops!

In my opinion an add that is run that twists the facts or only gives you half the story with the very intention of leading you to believe something about the other candidate that is not true is a lie. They are both doing it. We should expect more of our politicians. One of these men will be leading our country. If you cannot get people to vote for you because of your experience, ideology, and vision…then you don’t need to be president.

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  1. Well put. I’ve been disappointed with both candidates. It’s a sad irony to me that with two men who have never stopped harping about “change”, in terms of politicians, we’re definitely getting more of the same this election, no matter who you go with.

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