Restoration Repackaged With Vintage Language

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One of the things I really like about reading Dan Kimball is his plea for things to be “Vintage”. He sees value in looking to scripture for ideals in how we live, worship, and develop our theology. Sound familiar? Sounds a little like the roots of the church of Christ. We have been asking for restoration to a first century ideal for quite some time and it is refreshing that others are seeing that while culture changes the Gospel does not.

Another person who is talking a lot about “vintage” Christianity right now is Mark Driscoll. I don’t know an awful lot about Driscoll but I have seen his book Vintage Jesus. Anyone have experience with him or his material? I have noticed he has been addressing the issue of pornography lately with free resources for dealing with this issue in Christian circles. Here is the link to that material.

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  1. My daughter heard Mark Driscoll speak at a youth rally in Sydney a month or 2 ago and was enormously affected by the power of his talk. His theology is reformed. I’m mostly impressed by what I have seen (on video) and read.

  2. I have a free resource which I literally cannot give away. It’s a series of novels designed to encourage Christian teens to stay on the straight and narrow “Sarah Conrad of Eagle Creek” you can listen to the stories on YouTube or you can read them online. Please support quality material like mine. I have nothing to see. I have nothing to join. I don’t care who you vote for.

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