You Are Not Alone

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For those of you who are not satisfied with “doing church”, not satisfied with coming to church for an hour or two a week to check off a box, and not satisfied with a mission that has a ratio of 9/1 inward focused/outward focused ministries and budgets…realize that you are not alone. There is a whole generation coming up that doesn’t care how nice the building is or how small the budget is. They are more concerned with being the church and taking the mission into world because that is what God has asked us to do and who he wants us to be.

Young people today could seriously care less if they meet in an auditorium that seats 5000 or in a living room with 10 other people as long as it is done intentionally and out of a heart for spiritual transformation. Young people today will not be satisfied with budgets that are focused on keeping on the ac in the building while millions around the world go without food. If this strikes a chord in your heart, realize that you are not alone and that there is a wave of change that is coming that will be refreshing and terrifying all at the same time. I am sure it will make its way into different congregations and communities at different rates and times but it is going to happen and is already happening.

So check your comfort zone at the door and be ready to have your traditions challenged while maintaining a sensitivity and accountability to sola scriptura. It should be an interesting ride. Good thing we don’t have to do it alone. Thank you for being here. Thank you for contributing. Continue to ask questions. Continue to be a voice for the kingdom. Be ready to wait and see how God responds.

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  1. Thanks, I needed to hear that. The way we “do church” really wears my wife and I down. Hopefully the change comes sooner than later.


  2. Matt,

    I am developing a website ( so that I can offer a free 70 lesson equipping so people can be Biblical, church age apostles (sent ones). It is not finished, but I would like you to check it out when you have time. The modules are on my blog; you can check those out too… if you’re so inclined.

    A Proud Revolutionary,

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