Groundrules for Discussing Women’s Roles in Church

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“At the outset not much can be said with certainty on the matter, but it can be said with confidence that the topic of women in the church is complex, volatile, and unavoidable.” – Carroll Osborne

Any time you have a discussion on these issues they have to be done with a couple of ground rules:
1 – They must be done with grace.
2 – We start with an understanding that we will not all arrive at the same conclusions on all the passages and issues.
3 – Know your elders. If your elders really are shepherds then you will be able to trust that they are dealing with the congregation to the best of their ability.
4 – Openness to letting what we find in scripture change our thinking rather than trying to make the Bible fit our traditions and preconceived ideas.

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  1. It’s always weird when a “Bible Study” needs rules like a wrestling match. haha Hope it’s going well for you.

  2. Those are good ground rules. All relationships, be they married people or the check out person at Wal-mart exists with some level of rules. In the general public it’s called a Social Contract: if I enter your store, you expected to be treated a certain way by the owner who must naturally reciprocate the good will.

    Unless of course you’re going to Popeye’s.

  3. Those do seem like some good ground rules. I would add realize that this issue isnt what our relationship with God and our salvation hang on.

    This was one of the main issues that got me fired, so I know it can be a tough one.

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