I Must Be a VIP

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So I check my email this morning and something tells me my status in the world is moving on up! That’s right. I got an email from overstock.com telling me they are having a “Secret sale”. I probably shouldn’t be telling you about it since it is secret and all but I was amazed they thought I was important enough to share that with. I got another email from vistaprint offering me free things! Wow. In addition to that people have offered me several million dollars from various countries and a bunch of women must think I am a VIP because I frequently find emails in my junk mail folder asking just to talk or be friends.

On that note, the youth minister, preaching minister and I usually visit on Tuesdays. We used to go to Pizza Hut a lot for the lunch buffet and they had these VIP cards where after so many lunches you got one free. We would joke with each other about who was the biggest VIP. We even joked with the waitresses about it. Then one day I noticed VIP stood for Very Into Pizza. We got a laugh out of the fact that for months we had been making fools of ourselves.

I am glad I am not a VIP in a worldly sense.

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