Fun With Bunny Ears and Spanish Soap Operas

So we still haven’t bit the bullet and bought cable. We are on bunny ears and are looking forward to the transition to “digital bunny ears.” That just sounds so hi-tech! Anyway, one way we have fun when watching TV with a limited number of channels is to turn it on the Spanish speaking channel and watch a Soap Opera. The funny thing is you really don’t miss out on any content despite the language barrier. So Missy takes the women’s lines and I take the men’s lines and we ad-lib what we think they are talking about. It is really quite fun.

Here is a fun Spanish Soap Opera spoof called “Que Hora Es” – almost gets a little racy at one point but quite a good satire. I love how it is done at the vocab level of someone who only made it through some Spanish in the 4th grade.

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