Fun With Bunny Ears and Spanish Soap Operas

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So we still haven’t bit the bullet and bought cable. We are on bunny ears and are looking forward to the transition to “digital bunny ears.” That just sounds so hi-tech! Anyway, one way we have fun when watching TV with a limited number of channels is to turn it on the Spanish speaking channel and watch a Soap Opera. The funny thing is you really don’t miss out on any content despite the language barrier. So Missy takes the women’s lines and I take the men’s lines and we ad-lib what we think they are talking about. It is really quite fun.

Here is a fun Spanish Soap Opera spoof called “Que Hora Es” – almost gets a little racy at one point but quite a good satire. I love how it is done at the vocab level of someone who only made it through some Spanish in the 4th grade.

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