What Once Was Lost Has Now Been Found

The Bible is back in hand and I am happy today oh yes I’m happy today! I guess I won’t have to go out and get a copy of the Message…

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  1. “I wont have to get a copy of the Message”

    Hilarious. Probably the funniest line I’ve seen on here.

    You didn’t say where you found it?

  2. Adam G. says:

    Glad you found it! The Message? Whew, now I’m really glad you found your own Bible. Crisis averted.

  3. mattdabbs says:


    We have two copies of this particular type of Bible and the one I don’t use always sits on a roll-top desk in our house. Somehow the one I take notes in got put in its place and I thought it was the one I don’t use so I kept overlooking it. I thought to myself last night that I better check to make sure it wasn’t the one I use and viola! it was the one I use.

    Crisis averted indeed.

  4. Philip III says:

    I believe that the example & necessary inference of Luke 15 stipulates that you must throw a party

  5. Multiple bibles, multiple confusion

    Have you seen Thomas Jefferson’s bible. He eliminated everything he disagreed with. When he lost it, he ran around the house saying “where is my agreeable, redacted bible?”

    (sorry, lame attempt at humor)

    read it here –


  6. Since I am both an older brother and did not lose my Bible… I will not be attending any such ‘celebration’. I think that we should celebrate the fact that I did not lose mine at all.

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