I Think I Lost “The Bible”

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It finally happened. It is missing. The Bible I used through graduate school, studied for countless Bible classes with and took notes in from dozens of commentaries has come up missing. I cannot tell you how many useful notes, references, connecting/parallel verses, and background info/dates of historical significance were written in the margins of that Bible. I worked through Raymond Brown’s work on the Gospel of John with it, Dunn’s Galatians commentary, Jervell’s work on Luke/Acts, Blomberg on the Gospel, Metzger and Reddish on Revelation, Sarna on Genesis/Exodus, and countless others. There are only so many places it can be and it does have my name in it so maybe there is hope. I had even gotten the white edge of the pages to look dirty through the old and new testaments. The only redeeming things I can think of include the lack of maps, lack of concordance, lack of red letters, and lack of a GPS locating device.

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