I Think I Lost “The Bible”

It finally happened. It is missing. The Bible I used through graduate school, studied for countless Bible classes with and took notes in from dozens of commentaries has come up missing. I cannot tell you how many useful notes, references, connecting/parallel verses, and background info/dates of historical significance were written in the margins of that Bible. I worked through Raymond Brown’s work on the Gospel of John with it, Dunn’s Galatians commentary, Jervell’s work on Luke/Acts, Blomberg on the Gospel, Metzger and Reddish on Revelation, Sarna on Genesis/Exodus, and countless others. There are only so many places it can be and it does have my name in it so maybe there is hope. I had even gotten the white edge of the pages to look dirty through the old and new testaments. The only redeeming things I can think of include the lack of maps, lack of concordance, lack of red letters, and lack of a GPS locating device.

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  1. Adam G. says:

    Yikes! Sorry to hear that. I’d be pretty upset if I lost my English-language Bible, though my Portuguese one could be replaced (so far). Guess I’ll need to work on making the Portuguese Bible irreplaceable as well….

  2. Isn’t losing your Bible one of the 7 deadly sins?

  3. Philip III says:

    Worse than losing a checkbook. Awful. I’m sorry, brother…

  4. It’s part of God’s plan for you. Maybe you can buy a copy of The Message?

  5. -bill says:

    What a tragedy! I truly am sorry for your loss and hope that you find your Bible soon.

    I have to let you in on a little secret, though. I have three Bibles that I’ve used over the past 28 years in ministry. I’ve made extensive notes in all of them. I was much younger when most of these notes were enscribed in the margins. Now, I can hardly read them. I may have to hand a magnifying glass around my neck just so I can read them.

    Sometimes, we just can’t win for losing, huh?


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