What is the Hardest Thing About Being a Christian?

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I think for me it is really learning how to die to self and live for God.  Wait a minute, doesn’t that sum up the entirety of being a Christian? Maybe I have trouble with the whole thing as I continue to learn how not to let my self get in the way. Maybe for some the beginning of their walk with God was the hardest part – breaking from their past. For those of us who grew up in the church we find that the hardest part comes later. The act of dying to self and living for God is played out in our baptism and is lived out every day after. Jumping out of the blocks when the gun shoots and the race begins is the part that hurts the least. It is usually the later laps that really challenge the runner to the limit.

I am curious, what is the hardest part about being a Christian for you?

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  1. How about not fitting in with the world? There’s lots of things that the world values & talks about that just leave me not in with the in-crowd.

  2. Humility – that “poor in spirit” thing just does not come naturally. God seems to keep reminding me that it’s , well, not about me; he’s “the Man”. I have a habit of getting a little too happy with myself.

  3. Perseverance in the ways of GOD, No matter how hard Lord brings me back to his track, My ways and selfcenteredness keeps me straying away. I Pray for Perseverance in all our lives.

  4. I think the hardest part for me is knowing that God’s way is the best way for me and yet I find it so difficult to accept His correction because I am so used to my ways 🙂

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