Thank You for 100,000 Pageviews and an Anniversary

Just wanted to say thanks. We passed over the 100,000 page view mark this month! I couldn’t do it without you. Well, I could but I would have to do an awful lot of clicking! Next month marks the two year anniversary of this blog. Thank you for all your thoughts, comments, emails, support, encouragement, and sharpening. I know I have benefited from it!

Also, several people have requested more personal updates/pictures so I am going to try to do more of that in the near future. Thanks again,


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  1. J D says:

    Matt, this is truly one of my top five favorite blogs. I hope we can meet in person one day … I already know you and your wife are awesome people in the Lord!

  2. J D says:

    By the way, you should be on Twitter. It would be an additional way to enhance your online outreach without a lot of time.

  3. Brian says:

    love you blog matt, though i don’t comment a lot.
    keep it up, and jd is right,
    get on twitter

  4. Adam G. says:


    BTW, I tried Twitter and hated it.


    Facebook’s nice though….

  5. mattdabbs says:

    I don’t know if I can do the twitter thing. We’ll see.

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