Youth Ministry Parody Video

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Glenn Patterson, the one who did Hotel Hotel Rap, The Day I Suddenly Knew Kung Fu and Filled with The Spirit

This song is about the agony of youth lockins.

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  1. Song is funny and yet sad. Too often Youth Ministers are ineffectual nerds who let the kids run wild because the current theory is that there is some Biblical mandate for perpetual childhood instead of maturity. Am I harsh? Maybe. But then again, look at almost any church youth site and you’ll see kids making gang signs with their hands. Who are influencing? What message are giving young people when we encourage them to imitate the base, filthy parts of society? There was a time when we converted the heathen, now they convert us.

  2. Jason,
    Apparently this guy is a pretty effective youth minister but I think your question in generally is a pretty good one. There needs to be a move from baby sitting to actively engaging youth in the mission of God. Lynn Stringfellow asked a question about college students that went something like this – “How many young people do you know who have left Christianity who were actively engaged in service and reaching the lost?” I think that is a pretty good question.

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