U2 Gets to Sing with George Pendergrass

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U2 was so lucky to get to perform with George Pendergrass who used to sing with Acappella. You would be hard pressed to meet a nicer man than George Pendergrass. Bono joins the ranks of those lucky enough to get to sing with such a talented singer. This is I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for. You can hear the live recording in concert on the CD Rattle and Hum. The choir doesn’t kick in until the end then you catch some of George singing right at the end. You get to hear more of him on the CD.

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    1. That was kinda weak. I love George Pendergrass, but if I wouldn’t have actually SEEN him I would have not known he was even there.
      The song isn’t weak, just Georges part.
      And that whole “liberal” church thing? I only wish more “liberal” or “conservative” people used the platform God gave them to do the things U2 has. I’m not a U2 fan at all, and hadn’t heard of them beyond the song just played from the 80s. But it’s a testament to them that I know much more about their humanitarian work than their music. It’s not liberal; it’s not conservative: it’s called service.

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