AFA Tattles on Subway

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I got an email today from the American Family Association notifying me that Subway restaurants are not allowing home schooled students to participate in their contest for $5000 in athletic equipment. When I get these kinds of emails I cannot help but wonder if this is an atrocity big enough to warrant a mass email to let me know how mean and unfair subway is. Can’t subway sponsor a contest to give away equipment to whoever they want to? Can’t they set their own rules and decide how they want to distribute their free equipment? I am sure the AFA wouldn’t like it if other people started trying to impose anti-Christian standards on their hiring practices, etc. There are a lot bigger things that could use our attention than this. I really don’t get it and I think this makes the AFA look silly. It makes it seem like there is a guy in a room somewhere just looking for the next thing he doesn’t agree with to send out emails about.

I applaud the AFA for oh so many things they have gotten right but this is one of those things that really won’t do very much good and really doesn’t advance the Christian cause at all.

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