My Name is Matt and I’m a Snackaholic

I cannot lie. I love snacks. I like snacks at the office, snacks at home, snacks when I am at the gas station. I am figuring out the habit has a nasty side effect. When I got poison ivy the nurse took my blood pressure and it was slightly elevated (137/82). It didn’t really register at the time but a week later I thought I should check it again when I was at the grocery store. I always thought those were for old people but there I was taking my blood pressure. It registered 146/87. I didn’t like that. So for one week I cut out all caffeine and all snacks. No candy. No coke. Not a thing with caffeine. Today was the end of that week. The result?

Pre – No Snack Intervention Weight – 176

Post – No Snack Intervention Weight – 169

Pre – No Snack Intervention Blood pressure – 146/87

Post – No Snack Intervention Blood pressure – 137/82

I think I will have to keep up with this no snack thing. This is just too great. And all that without any exercise. Makes me wonder what would happen if I went for a jog…

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  1. rogueminister says:

    This picture is just mean. I havent seen most of those snacks in 9 months or so. All I see is vacuum packed spicy tofu, dried squid, and a host of other unrecognizable packaged goods that the Chinese try to pass off as snacks.

  2. Tucker says:

    I went jogging after the doctor told me it would add years to my life. When I went jogging, I felt 15 years older right away!

  3. mattdabbs says:

    Tofu, squid, etc must taste really good then.

  4. K. Rex Butts says:

    I can give up chips, candy, soda, and fried foods but giving up my coffee… now that going too far.


  5. Philip III says:

    I understand Rex’s coffee fix. I’ve grown what is probably an unhealthy affinity for iced tea. When I make it at home, I don’t use sugar. But when I’m out I order the sweet tea.

    But good for you, Matt. It’s amazing how such a small change could make such a significant difference.

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