Prayers for Steven Curtis Chapman and Family

News came out that Chapman’s adopted 5 year old daughter was killed in their driveway yesterday. This just feels like a crazy couple of days in light of the same type of tragedy that hit the Dobbs family yesterday. I heard Chapman play at an adoption event in Memphis put on by Agape Child and Family Services. You could tell he really loved that girl. Our hearts break once again for them and our prayers go out for comfort and peace.

Here is the AP news story.

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  1. so sad!!! Both families are in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. both families are in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t think of anything worse than loosing a child!

  3. Philip III says:

    Best concert I ever went to was a Steven Curtis Chapman show in Little Rock. And I’ve been to a fair amount of shows (Newsboys, several Third Day, several Jars of Clay, several Jennifer Knapp, a couple Toby Mac, etc.). SCC is a blessing to others. Hate to think of the anguish they’re experiencing right now.

  4. Listen when you have the chance – –

    God bless,

  5. mattdabbs says:


    He certainly knows how to play a HUGE variety of songs very, very well.

    Chris, thanks for the link and putting time into that.

  6. Karla says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Chapman’s. I can’t imagine what they are going through, I am glad they know the One who can heal their hearts. And that there is hope in the midst of pain.

  7. kilroy1983 says:

    As a former gospel radio deejay, this is especially tragic news for me. My heart and prayers go out to the Chapman family, and a release of God’s awesome strength.

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