Faith and Campaigning for President

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In light of my last post regarding Obama I want to lay out the bigger issue. Faith is larger than a campaign. Hillary claims to be a Christian. Barack claims to be a Christian. I think McCain claims to be a Christian but I am less sure there. If a politician uses their Christianity to get votes and claims moral high ground then they better expect to be under the spot light. It is a real shame that politicians will use Christianity to get votes and then act another way contrary to their faith when that is convenient for them. What is more if Hillary is a Christian and Obama a Christian then we have a larger issue when one sends sexually suggestive, demeaning, and disrespectful messages to the other. We also have issues when one is lying to the American public on a consistent basis in their speeches.

If you claim your faith as a strong suit to your campaign then you better live up to it. To me that is bigger than claiming to be a conservative and acting like a liberal or being a liberal and acting like a conservative. This is more than political views. This is who they are.

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  1. I think it may be a bigger issue. How many people in the pew do the same?

    Bonheoffer and cheap grace aren’t that far from America. I hate to see what we allow.

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