Obama Gives Hillary the Finger

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McCain is known to drop the F-bomb from time to time. That is one of the things I really don’t like about him. I think people with character and class can think of better ways to communicate their message than that. Here is Obama talking about Hillary taking digs at him and subtly gives her the finger in the middle of his presentation. The crowd gets it. He gets it. Not on par with abortion, poor foreign policy plans, or a horrible economic agenda in the whole scheme of things but one more thing that shows poor judgment. Obama likes to claim he is above the fray in Washington. I guess not.

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  1. Wow! I’m so confused by that. I’m not… are you sure that was his intent? I don’t think I am.

    It is absolutely classless if that IS what he intended. If he did intend that, then I think this is his frustration of still having to campaign against Hillary showing through. And though people have moments of weakness, that’s just low-down & undignified if that’s what he meant.

    And of all the little controversies that everyone has said might threaten his candidacy, this might be the biggest. I’ll be shocked if this is not all over the media early next week. That’s how big I think it is.

  2. If that is what he meant, then it is very poor class and judgment. Of course, if we think and speak with vulgar terminology in our private moments (and this goes for all of us) then we are bound to slip in public or in some place that will leave us with much embarassment as well as exposure.

  3. What makes it even worse is the context of what he is saying about Hillary and then goes and does the same thing right in the middle of the sentence.

  4. Matt, I agree with the principle you are suggesting – 100%.

    However, I am not sure that this is what he was doing. I’m not sure I would have even caught it if it had not been pointed out to me. It is possible that he is grinning because the audience is so enthusiastically responding to what he is saying – if he is unaware of a mannerism. I have known several people who pointed at blackboards, scratched, and otherwise used their middle finger with no intent to be vulgar.

    On the other hand, these people live in a world of backroom dealings, infidelity, greed, corruption, and, yes, profanity. For some people the “F” word is as common as “and” and “the” in a sentence. Sad, but true. Just sitting in the movie theater last night before the movie we were treated to someone talking on their phone and sprinkling this word generously throughout their chat…meaningless to them.

    I’ve watched this three times … and it is not clear to me that he intentionally did this. If so, it was quite risky.

  5. John,

    There is always a possibility there are more meanings. That is what politics is based on…no one really knowing what you are saying/message you are sending.

  6. Another thing that is convincing to me and makes me think this is intentional. How often do you see him touch his face, scratch his head, whatever? He is a very polished speaker and most of his moves are very calculated. I know you cannot calculate every move all of the time and it is possible to read too much into things when there is really nothing there. But this one has me convinced.

  7. I’m with J D. I think he gets more animated because the crowd is responding to something exciting that they thought they saw.

    It would be an almost unprecedented move in politics. I have a hard time imagining that that is indeed what he intended.

  8. Matt, if your interpretation of the video is right (I’m in the undecided camp), then this is just another example of the politicians’ best friend: plausible deniability.

    Nobody likes plausible deniability, except the one using it. It makes people feel less secure. How different that is from “Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.”

  9. I’m inclined to think it was on purpose, but he sure kept it fairly subtle. I think it’s interesting that the same thing that makes Obama such a powerful force is also the thing that’s been hurting him lately: his incredible gift for interacting with an audience. He’s great at knowing who he’s talking to and knowing how to say things in ways that will connect with them, whether or not the things he says would be acceptable to most other crowds, such as the comments about rural people recently.

    The disadvantage for him is that we can grab these little clips intended for one audience that would receive them well, and broadcast them to a larger audience which will be offended.

    The case in point is sad to me if it is true, but in my eyes it only brings Obama down, and it definitely doesn’t make Clinton or McCain any better. McCain’s got a reputation for a terrible temper. In this sense, I’m reminded again why there are no candidates I’m going to be able to support with any level of enthusiasm.

    Can you imagine what it would be like to have every single word that came out of your mouth, regardless of with whom you were talking, put up on YouTube and scrutinized by the world? This must be why not many decent people desire to go into politics.

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