List of Small Group Resources

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This is a copy of the Small Group Resources from the top of Kingdom Living. What links would you add that you have found helpful for small groups?

Small Group Curriculum:

Prepare to Grow offers lessons on a variety of topics and books of the Bible.

Lessons by me (Book of Acts, Prayer, Ministry of Jesus)
– Feel free to use any of our lessons from Northwest. If you decide to use them I would love to hear about it and any feedback you might have.

University Church of Christ – Passing on the Essentials Series & A Study of Moses
– I am not certain if they have any reservations against using these lessons.

Alameda Church of Christ Lessons
– They have plenty of other resources on LIFE groups as well.

Small Group Related Websites
Northwest Church of Christ
– If you are a small group director and have trouble getting attendance each week have a look at our online attendance form and try that out in your ministry. It has worked great for us and has eliminated a lot of headaches.
WebMinister’s Church Growth Articles

House Church Resource
College Hills Church of Christ List of Small Group Resources

Small Group Related Blogs
Bill Donahue – Willow Creek

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