Jack from Lost Preaches on “Him That Pisseth Against the Wall”

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No this is not Matthew Shepherd “Jack” from Lost but he sure looks and sounds like him. Thinking of that while I watch this video makes me laugh even more. Apparently this is Stephen L. Anderson preaching on the phrase, “Him that pisseth against the wall.”

Thanks to Andrew for pointing this one out from this blog.

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  1. he does sound like Jack. I hadn’t noticed that and I have watched this a few times.

    so, matt, where do you stand…….or sit…..on this issue?

  2. Two quotes:

    “That’s what’s wrong with America”


    “you say, ‘Why are you preaching this?’
    ‘Cause its in the Bible, ok?!”

    Wow. Just wow.

  3. OH MY!!! I’m speechless. That is actually my favorite phrase to point out to people that think the apostles carried a KVJ arround. Now he’s using it to put down the other translations. BTW, you need to encourage people to watch till the end.

  4. What a riot! This should be watched by people who think that nobody ever equates the KJV with the Bible anymore. I wonder if this guy’s going to wind up on a future episode of “Cops” in Germany. (How do you say “Cops” in German?)

    I’m with you, TCS. If someone at church wants it to be KJV only, tell ’em you’ll preach from the text, if they’ll read it.

  5. Well,

    I guess we can say what we will but on his blog he says they have had 12 baptisms in 2007. That is more than a lot of people can say. One more example of God’s word not returning void I guess.

  6. I see that. But I have to wonder what kind of disciples he is making if he links to a web site that he is a part of where he blacklists Billy Graham & Charles Spurgeon.

  7. I can’t answer that one and I certainly wouldn’t recommend winning people over with the couple of clips that are floating around out there. Part of me wants to give him the benefit of the doubt as I am sure most of us have a 5 minute segment of a sermon we wouldn’t want put all over the internet or at least five minutes taken out of context floating all over the internet. It seems like the issue is more than just this one clip though. Thanks for pointing that out.

  8. There are certainly sermons and segments of sermons that I have preached for which I am glad there was no recorder but I must say… none of those sermons or segments have linked manhood with peeing standing up:-).


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