January 31 – National Gorilla Suit Day

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After seeing on Odgie’s blog that January 31st is National Gorilla Suit Day, I am inspired to tell a story that only my wife and one or two other people know about.

When we were students at Harding Graduate School of Religion my wife Missy got a hold of a Gorilla suit from someone at church. She got the great idea of putting it on and walking around the campus of HUGSR. She went into the library, classroom building, and administrative offices. She didn’t say a word or give herself away. No one ever told who it was. Some of the faculty and staff asked her, “Who are you?” She just shrugged and kept on walking! I finally let the cat out of the bag in honor of the upcoming National Gorilla Suit Day – It was Missy! So in appreciation for all of the fun pranks done in Gorilla suits I offer you this video from Youtube.

P.S. This stunt reminds me of something I saw the other day in St. Pete – I saw a guy in a cow suit holding a sign that said, “Eat more Chicken” next to a girl in a chicken suit that said, “Eat more beef.” I thought that was classic.

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