Ronald Heifetz’s 5 Principles of Leadership

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I have a bunch of stuff running around in my head that I want to get to on the blog (Gospel of John, Revelation, Acts, Holy Spirit, etc). Here is another one to add to the pile. I found these five principles really helpful and I want to take a few posts to talk about how these apply to ministry.

From Leadership Without Easy Answers:

  1. Identify the adaptive challenge
  2. Keeping distress in a productive range
  3. Directing to ripening issues over distractions
  4. Giving the work back to the people
  5. Protecting the voices of leadership in the community

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  1. JAT’s favorite Heifetz quote is mine, too! Although, I think the exact phrase is “Failing people’s expectations at a rate they can handle.”

    I’ve been thinking about re-reading Heifetz lately. He’s so smart.

    BTW, Matthew, I’m totally having a hard time getting down to sleep tonight. So I decided to dig through your blog archive to check out stuff I’d never read.

  2. Helo Matt,

    I am curently studying this topic. Can you point me to any of your posts or other resources about this from a Christian perspective. I am looking at how it applies to starting new Christian communities.

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