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I am turning this comment from this post into its own post to bring it to your attention. Please pray for this family. Here is her request:

I am here to ask for prayer for my family that is in crisis right now. My husband of 8 years, (been together 10), walked out on me and our 3 kids almost 4months ago. I didn’t really know what happened or why, until I found out by accident that he was having an affair with an older woman he works with. I was devastated! I talked to him about it and he claims she is just a friend. I have proof otherwise. As much as that hurt me, I still love my husband very much and wanted to work things out. A little over 2 weeks ago I got served with divorce papers. I never felt so much like my whole world was coming down around me as I did that day. It was like my heart had been ripped from my chest. My kids were in the room when it happened. My husband says I should have known how things would turn out. I just can’t believe it though. We have always been better then that. We were in love up until shortly before he left.We had something wonderful and special. I can’t give up on that and just let this happen by doing nothing about it. I can’t let some other woman have my husband. He vowed to me to love me till death do us part. We’re not dead so Ican’t give up on those vows. Please pray that God will work a miracle in our marriage and spare us from divorce and heartache. Please pray that God will restore our marriage and bring us reconciliation. Please pray for God’s mercy on us and our children. Please pray God will work on my husband’s heart and mind before he makes the biggest mistake of his life! Please pray for a miracle for God to turn this around and stop this divorce. Please ask God to stop the divorce! Thank you all and God bless you! My name is Jennifer and my husband’s name is Pete.

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  1. i’m praying for you and your children right now…may God wrap His arms around you…and may He work a wondrous work in your husband’s heart and life

  2. Dear Almighty God Please hear my prayers. All things are possible with you my Father in Heaven. Please let my wife know that You are healing my quick temper, guide her to find Salvation in Jesus, guide us to forgive and forget and all concerned with the problems we had, restore our Marriage and protect us from all evils. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

  3. We are adopting a little boy from Vietnam and are running into financial snags. We despretely want this child! Please pray that God will bless us and make a way out of no way for His honor and glory!

  4. I pray that God will answer that womens prayers for stopping a divorce. I am going through the same. After 26 yrs being together and I am ill my husband is leaving. He left 12yrs ago and with Prayer he filed for a divorce but came back. This is all of a sudden to me too to be gtoing through this again. I pray this stops right now. He is out looking for an apartment before even going to a lawyer. I pray the Lord intervenes. The battle is hard I know and this time am too ill to do it alone and ask for help from others that pray.

  5. We have a spiritual meeting (10.20.2007). To the meeting comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts and other people who are distress. We hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.

  6. Praise the Lord Brother/Sister,
    My prayer life is going very down day by day. Nowadays my heart is not willing to pray, when i use to sit for prayer my brain goes to think about world, i’m having a gift of holy sprit & many other gifts from Lord Jesus, but they are not working properly. please pray for me. I am from India and here from last 4 months but have got any job up to now. please pray for me, so Father Lord will take me out from these problems.
    Thanks for your kind prayers.
    Surjit Paul(Sandy)
    Melbourne Australia

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