Oprah Show and Pornography

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Yesterday’s Oprah show had the results of an online poll from Oprah.com showed that 50% of respondents felt pornography had affected their sex lives and 72% said the effect had been a positive one. Something tells me the sample of respondents was not very representative of the general population. The show was pushing to re-label pornography “erotica” changing the connotation from something sinful to something natural. Dr. Gail Saltz was one of the featured experts. You may recognize her name from being a Today Show expert on mental health. She was endorsing the use of pornography with the following disclaimer, “The problem is, it can be a double-edged sword in that anything really pleasurable can become kind of addictive.” Kind of? With all of the mental health studies documenting the devastating effects of pornography how can she, as a mental health expert, endorse its use and modify “addictive” with “kind of”? That is like saying crack cocaine may in some instances be addictive but that shouldn’t keep someone from trying it because it can sure make you feel good too. That is a crazy thing for a health professional to say. If that isn’t strange enough the show also featured a couple who have an open marriage but are somehow not swingers and say they are not into “casual sex”? Her husband described his wife as having “more love in her life [that]…doesn’t take anything away from what the two of us have.” I am getting the feeling we no longer even understand what the word love means any more.

Isaiah 5:20-21

“Woe to those who call evil good
and good evil,
who put darkness for light
and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet
and sweet for bitter.

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
and clever in their own sight.”

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  1. It is sad, but our culture is getting worse by the moment. I really liked that you posted the article and quoted from Isaiah. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am scared when Oprah does something like this since so many women in this country take what she says as the Gospel.

    Pastor M.


  2. Why am I not surprised… When we take God out of the equation, anything is permissible. It is just a matter of convincing everyone else that the “sinful” is really not sinful, just taboo but is actually ok and should not be regarded as tatoo.

    The thing about pornography, for a while it may appear to enhance the sexual relationship between a husband and wife. However, eventually neither the husband or the wife will be able to reproduce the “erotic euphoria” by themselves. And that is how it is with every enticement of Satan. At first a little will do and will satisfy but you must keep paying your dues and the price has no ceiling cap.

  3. It disgusts me that people can believe pornography is anything other than horrific disease that addicts the mind and destroys the spirit. Serial killers and child molesters have come out and said that pornography was the first step on the path that led to their crimes and their resulting lives in jail. Pornography is the most common interest among criminals. Studies have shown that the effect on the body is the same as that caused by heroine, and the depression felt afterward is the same as felt after a cocaine fix. How can Oprah, of all people, use her show to encourage it?

  4. 5 thumbs up! (If I had that many.) I am sick of the world putting people like Oprah on a pedastal to solve all our problems. Kind of like the Casting Crowns song, “What if our peopled prayed.” It’s sick, the things people can justify these days, then they look at Christians as wacko’s because we appreciate morals. The verse you chose was absolutely perfect, as were the points you made!

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