Happy Feet Takes a Slap at Religious Establishment

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Missy and I watched the movie “Happy Feet” tonight. I am know I am probably behind the curve but I couldn’t help but notice the subtle slaps at Christianity and religious establishments in general. The upstart little penguin (Mumbles) bucks the elder penguin’s system. The elders say that if you try something new you doom the community to extinction. The elders demand repentance from Mumbles who refuses and says that he cannot change who he is. Of course, the young misguided penguin turns out to be correct and the elders wrong. Change is good and being different is a plus. The old fogey’s in the end wind up doing Mumble’s little dance because they realize it is superior to their now obsolete worldview that penguins should only sing.

I think this movie speaks volumes for how the 30s somethings view church and the religious establishment. It is a trend that is obsolete and needs to be bucked. The old guys don’t know what they are talking about (even though they owe their very existence to the penguin love song  that had been sung since the beginning of time). What answer do they find? Be who you are. Leave the pack and find your own answers.

These are the people we are trying to reach today and I think it is important that we meet them where they are and understand that they have not been satisfied with Christianity mostly because they really don’t understand it and may not have had good models of what the Christian life really looks like. The burden is on us to be authentic and to be honest about God and faith. They can see right past pretenses and are turned off completely by it. So let’s seek them out and approach them in all honesty and help them find God.

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