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Rob Bradshaw has done it again. Rob has done a lot of work putting the table of contents with links to the full texts of the Bible Translator online. If you do any translating you need to have a look here (See the post – Bible Translator’s Table of Contents) and here. Thanks Rob!

Here is a quote on what this resources is:

“The Bible Translator, the journal of the United Bible Societies has been online for some time in the form of scanned images (one per page). I have just completed a HTML table of contents of the first 10 volumes, which I hope will both make this splendid resource more accessible and easier for search engines to catalogue. It will also make it possible for me to insert the relevant articles into my subject listings. I hope to complete the remaining volumes by the end of the year. Here are some useful articles that appeared during the first 10 years of the journal’s publication:” [links to full text articles follow]

– Rob Bradshaw

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  1. Many thanks for the mention Matt. I should make it clear that I have only produced a table of contents for the Bible Translator and have not put the text on-line myself – it was already on-line if you knew where to look.

    Yours in Christ,


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