Brag on the Bride

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Have you ever been to a wedding and everyone was saying bad things about the bride? Probably not. I remember when I saw my bride coming down the aisle to be married to me I would have never noticed a single negative thing about her. I was so in love with her that if anything was out of place I would have never noticed it. The blogosphere tends to be a place we air our feelings on the church and often those feelings are not so positive. I often wonder what outsiders think about that. So here is your chance. Post something positive about Christ’s bride, the church. I will go first.

The bride of Christ is beautiful, made up of people of every shape, size, color, socioeconomic status, and background. Who could ask for a more beautiful bride?

Your turn…

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  1. Matt, Im glad you posted this. I have noticed most of my post have sort of a negative vibe, and you are right the bride of Christ is beautiful.

    I love the church because they have often treated me as family, in fact often better than my own family treats me. Jesus’ bride also makes a big difference in this world. When Katrina hit christians from all types of denominations and fellowships banded together to be the hands and feet of Christ.

  2. Matt … the way some people talk about the bride of Christ, you’d think they worry about getting smacked in the mouth by the groom.

    Maybe it will happen someday?

  3. Oops, hit the button accidentally.

    Like you said, some people are so negative about the bride of Christ. They have nothing but negative things to say. And to talk that way …. they are a braver man than I.

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