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Gary Chapman – Five Languages of Apology

July 14th, 2007 · No Comments · Marriage

My wife and I got to hear Gary Chapman speak in Orlando this weekend. Although I only got to hear part of it due to being sick and having to step out early, I am excited about all that has happened through his ministry, writing, and speaking. Before he spoke they gave out door prizes and my wife and I won a copy of his new book – The Five Languages of Apology. They handed me the book just a few feet from Dr. Chapman and I almost said, “Thanks Gary!” but I refrained (Missy, who has a masters in marriage and family therapy, got to meet him and a few other well respected marriage therapists at the conference). If you have not read his first book The Five Love Languages you have missed out! We were really impressed by Dr. Chapman and hope God continues to richly bless his ministry.


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  • Adam G.

    I have a copy of “The Five Love Languages” on my bookshelf, and glanced over at it just now. I haven’t read it yet, though the gist I’ve heard sounds good. Lord knows my wife and I need it. I’ll try to dig into it this week, if I have time, and I know where I can get a copy in Portuguese for my wife (she’s Brazilian). Thanks for resparking my interest.

  • Mary Smith

    I just did a post about Gary Chapman’s love languages and I found yours. He is really inspiring!

  • Jennifer Thomas

    Hi- I’m Gary Chapman’s co-author. Thank you for having mentioned our book! FYI, I’m rating apologies in the media in my new blog:
    Best wishes to you and your readers!
    Dr. Jen

  • mattdabbs


    Thank you for stopping by. I first heard of this book with Gary Chapman spoke in Orlando in July 07. I think it is an excellent concept. My wife, who has a master in MFT, and I talked about it all the way home and think this concept has a lot of promise. I hope it does well and I hope you guys can keep producing quality material like this. Any chance there is a Video/DVD to go along with this one?

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