Purpose Driven Life

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Well the Purpose Driven Life is upon me. I have started this series with the men of the congregation and I am looking forward to the results. I have altered the format significantly by included the video series, adding journaling, memorizing scripture, and service projects. We had 32 men the first night and I think they are pretty pumped up about studying this together. Have any of you been through a class on this material? I have already laid out my plan but I am open to suggestions of what has worked and what has not. From what I have seen so far I think Rick Warren does a decent job. He handles some significant topics in a way that speaks to mature Christians and unchurched visitors. One problem I have run into so far is it seems to me that he makes the right points with the wrong scriptures and takes a lot of scriptures out of context.

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  1. Matt,
    I did the Purpose Driven Life with the entire congregation last year. It was a great study. I hope that your study goes great. It is wonderful book and challenges us to be committed disciples of Christ. Other books that I used with the series was: “Authentic Christianity by Bill Hybels and A Holy Hunger by Mike Cope.” Both of those books went great with the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

    Again brother, I will be praying that your study with the men of your church will be bless and that you will be blessed as well.

  2. This is good stuff- of course. We went through it a couple of years ago.

    The key in really becoming purpose-driven is keeping up the emphasis after the study is finished.

  3. We did it in a ladies class–it was not as effective for us, mostly because there was so much stuff in it that it lasted a really really long time and folks couldn’t retain the momentum—it really is geared to be a forty day study.


  4. Anytime one attempts to study to show themselves approved, it is something to be encouraged and supported and prayed for. May God use this time to speak to you about the things he would remodel in your life.

    As a balance to the ideas and arguments presented in that book, may I suggest you read the thoughts of another who went through the same study chapter by chapter in an effort to deal with the demands God was placing on his life?


    Grace and peace be with you throughout your efforts.

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