On Earth as it is in Advertising – Sam Van Eman

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I just concluded this book by Sam Van Eman as I work through the topic of Christ and culture. It was a fascinating read for a couple of reasons:

  1. It gave insight into how advertisers see consumers – an identity that is a string of decisions and purchases.
  2. It provides a fresh perspective on Consumerism as offering hope as a pseudo-gospel based on identity and needs. Consumerism seeks to define us and identify our needs. They seek to get us to believe the only way to get our needs met is to buy their product.
  3. He seeks to show Consumerism as a worldview that takes the good things of the gospel and twist them into destructive forces.

I thought the book was extremely well written, practical, and eye-opening. To find out more about where to get this book, have a look here. Thanks to Houston Heflin for recommending this book to me.

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