Vacation – Sanibel, FL & Sister Hazel

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My wife and I got to spend a couple of wonderful days in Sanibel, Florida for July 4. We had a blast. It was great to get to spend some time just with each other again. We used to work all the same jobs and so we were never apart but during this last year we have been apart more than we ever have before and it has been an adjustment. I am so thankful to God that he has taught us what healthy Sabbath rest is all about. Good to be back. Look forward to some more good thoughts from you all very soon.

Tonight we are going to go hear Sister Hazel. We are really blessed to have some connections to get put on the “Guest list” to get some free tickets. Hope we don’t get rained out!

Update – No rain but we didn’t realize that guest list comes along with a backstage pass. That was my first experience with that. I felt like I should have the pass in a clear holder and be like Wayne and Garth in Wayne’s World. After the concert we couldn’t get out of the parking deck because the machine you pay to get out was “Out of order.” It took my first dollar but then wouldn’t take any more and a message appeared that said, “out of service.” We ended up having to call the police to help us get out. The policeman literally helped us break out of the parking garage without paying. That was kind of ironic but we tried really hard to pay the machine. I am wondering what the security crew of that garage is going to think when they see the tape of that.

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