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The Brick Testament

March 28th, 2007 · No Comments · Humor, Religion

If you want a good laugh and an interesting take on some biblical narrative have a look at The Brick Testament. Some of the theology or interpretation behind the stories is a little strange at times. Some of these might make for some fun ways to introduce a story in a college or youth Bible class. Of course it is never a substitute for the real thing! See here for that.

Next up – back to creative approaches to teaching.

Edit – Notice the comments that follow and the disappointment for many areas of this website. I probably should change the humor link to one that says, ‘disgrace’


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  • Darin

    How did you find that?

    Interesting and a lot of work.


  • Neva

    I have seen this on Tim Archer’s blog–kinda cool but some are pretty graphic. One would need to be as careful with these as with other resources.


  • Frank Bellizzi

    That’s pretty amazing.

  • Matt

    If my memory is right I found this a couple of years ago while looking through google images for something about a Bible story.

  • Tammie's Thoughts

    My daughter, Laura and her husband, John, have the Brick New Testament listed as a link on thier blog…
    John claims to be an athetist…go figure…and by all means, keep them in your prayers!

  • Adam Gonnerman

    A few years ago an atheist pointed this out to a discussion group I was part of. The crucifixion is a mockery.

  • Adam Gonnerman

    Look up the passage where it talks about head coverings in the assembly and you will see the undertone of the Brick Testament.

  • Danny

    Interesting. I will have to look more into this.

  • Frank Bellizzi

    After taking a look at some of those sections of The Brick Testament that Adam referred to, I understand why it would be popular with unbelievers. It IS a mockery.

  • Matt

    It is really a shame that those things are in there. I had not seen those until they were pointed out and am really disappointed. Nevermind about using these to introduce much in Bible class…that could turn out really bad!

  • Christopher

    I ran across “The Reverend’s” site some time ago. It’s inventive if snarky on the surface, but underlying his creativity is anger and assuredly, hurt somewhere long ago.

    In another life, I could be The Reverend.

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