What Are You Doing That Will Last Forever?

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There was a point in my life that I realized that the 80 hours/week I was putting in to chasing my dream was really all about me. I realized that when I died there would be nothing to show for it. No matter how many books I wrote or articles I published or people who knew who I was it really wouldn’t matter 100 years from now and despite my best efforts the fruit of all my labor and toil would end up not making a lasting difference. I had to ask myself, “What am I doing here that will last forever?” It opened my eyes to how much I had rationalized the wrong priorities and how self-centered my life had been.

I tell our college students that one of the main goals for their lives should be to live such a life that heaven will never be the same again. Once you reach a lost person and bring them to Jesus heaven will never look the same because they will be there. They can plant and water and watch God make it grow. This means that our lives will fly in the face of conventional wisdom. This means that we will resist the temptation to believe that this life is really all about us. This means that we can live life as it was meant to be, being a part of God’s kingdom and being his instruments here on earth to reach a lost and dying world.

How can we better teach our children spiritual priorities? We must live it out ourselves. How can we align our priorities with the priorities of God? Be familiar with the Bible and be willing to live out what you find there. What will you do this week that will last forever?

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  1. Hey Matt,

    I remember talking with you about this subject one day after a game of ping pong at HUGSR. I’m glad you made the right choice. There’s nothing I would take for my three years here with this little country congregation in Rose Bud. No amount of money or attention could be worth as much as what it means to make a lasting difference in someone’s life.

    Along with this, isn’t it amazing how relieving it is to stop worrying about getting all the credit and glory for everything? When I don’t have to worry about “me” all the time, I have so much less to loose sleep over. Ministry is the greatest vocation in the world, I’m convinced.

  2. Matt,

    I think it will all come back to what our children see in us. They’ll be what we are. If our goals are chasing a dream, theirs will be too. If our dream is a relationship with God, theirs will be too.

    I guess I need to look in the mirror and see what my kids are turning out to be.

  3. I like this post Matt. I agree we need to set examples for our youth. ANd, we need to make sure they are good examples. I agree with what Trey said, “we need to look in the mirror and see what they are seeing in us!”

    Good Job brother.


  4. What great comments. Thank you for always being willing to share.

    Mark, you are exactly right. Once we get out of the way good things can happen. I really appreciated that conversation.


    Love what you said there. Thanks.


    Thanks for the encouragement!


    I once knew a church that was interviewing a preacher. The elders asked him how he would feed the flock. He said his job was not to feed them but to make them hungry.

  5. Matt, Thank you for being real with us. It is so easy to get focused on us and goals and not forever. Thank you, I needed to hear this. Many will be blessed by this message. Thanks, Sarah

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